5 Shades of Play: Your Erogenous Guide to Orgasmic Pleasure

Are you a sexual enthusiast who loves to learn something new? Do you want to learn how to push your sexual boundaries and open yourself to new and unique experiences? Whatever reason you have, this is the show to listen to for an incredible and sexy hour. Our Sex Goddesses consist of Taylor Sparks of Organic Loven, Tiffany Janay of TiffanyJanay.com, Jasmine Johnson-Decosta of Royal Fetish Films, Parish Michelle Blair of Parish Blair TV and Marla Renee Stewart of Velvet Lips.  Each week one or more of the Sex Goddesses indulge you in an erotic and educational experience.

Email us with your questions in complete confidence. Call in live and talk to us or our special guests!  No  restrictions, lay it all out on the table or the floor as this will be the most fun and sexually educated radio show on the network!  We look forward to meeting you all!

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Here is an opportunity for your Brand to reach a world wide community, a warm audience that is actively seeking your products and services. Now you don't have to deal with the censorship and restrictions of social media.  We are open to all areas of sex, sexuality, sexual health, sex positive parenting, BDSM/Kink and LGBTQ. 

Sponsorship rates start as low as $600/month.  Email us directly at: sistersofsexuality@gmail.com or taylor@organicloven.com with any questions or to request the complete sponsorship packet of the show and the network.

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