What is the S.O.S. Pro Mission?



  • To collectively and collaboratively work with African American and other women of color who identify as sex educators, love coaches, sexologists, sexperts, sex therapists, sex workers, etc. to assist them in growing and expanding their brands/businesses.
  • Assist those in the collective to become global influencers in their areas of expertise.
  • Assist them in becoming a recognized resource in their area of expertise locally and nationally.
  • Validate and support the vision of each person’s individual journey as a sexual expert.

Welcome To Your New Sexy Community!

S.O.S. Pro is a private members only community where 'sisters in sex' can be in a safe space with other like minded sex educated entrepreneurs. Here you will find the resources to build and grow your business, via coaching,  resources, webinars, and live events where we collectively meet to support each other.  Find mentors, develop mentees and grow your business to the next level.